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How does it work? What do you get?




You can read 1000 different magazines, follow Instagram models, listen to Phil at the pub who drinks lime and soda and wears running shorts 24/7, or Mandy who is now trying to sell you some "miracle juice". Or you can understand that there is a lot of misleading information in the fitness industry all designed to get your hard earned cash claiming to be the newest mythical fix to what ever problem you think you have. Now imagine a place where all the best tried and tested methods are laid out in a fool proof, easy to understand place. Well, that's probably why you are here. Understand that your goals are like an end destination on your sat nav. There will be a fastest rout, most direct rout, rout avoiding road works and and and, you get the gist. Finding the one for you is the key, and having the information to make the right decision is the first step.


The word DIET is overused and gets a big stigma surrounding it. Being on a diet means that at some point, you wont be. This seems idiotic to me, why would you want to go through the crap times that a 'diet' usually brings, only to go back to that feeling of needing to diet again. Instead make some easy changes. With our help, figure out your calorie needs and the macro breakdown that's going to suit you. We have a diet portal so you can make your food choices and eating habits as easy as possible for you to reach your goals. With over 1800 recipes on there for you to use there will be no excuse for bad food choices as you can even select foods based on your macro goals, dietary needs, there are vegan options, vegetarian options, halal option and even more.


You can train like Mr Olympia and not gain the muscle you want, you can train like Usain Bolt and not be as fast. There is no 'best exercise' or 'best programme'. The only programme you need, is yours. It wants to be specific to you, your goals, your lifestyle and ability. You will have access to 100's of programmes that are categorised into different goals, training frequency, home training and much more. Or you could have your own programme written specifically for you by me, your call. If you're gym savvy but need some direction, you can learn how to make the best programme you can for you self and execute each exercise perfectly to get yourself the goals you want by watching and following the videos we have made in Momentum.